So Many Ways to Use Essential Oils

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Fête Healing

My focus in work and life are to enhance the lives of others and help them overcome physical and emotional challenges. I achieve this by utilizing body work and the implementation of other non invasive natural solutions such as access bars, aromatherapy and assisting people with creating sacred spaces in their physical environment. My “Health Tool Kit” includes: Basic Reflexology, Trigger Point Therapy and Sports Massage. Fête Healing bases it’s style of massage on Integrated Physiology enhanced with the use of essential oils. Many enjoy their potent contribution.
Blessings, Robin


My Unique Approach

Aroma Touch Massage with

Essential Oil Application

Aroma Touch Massage was developed by Dr. Hill- Doterra’s CMO (Chief Medical Officer) It is a clinal approach to essential oil application- applying 8 different essential oils to regions and zones on the back, hands and feet. The technique is intended to assist the body and restore homeostasis. It is very relaxing and the body/mind is able to heal when it is in a resting state.

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Fête Healing
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